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In case you didn't already know, I have "a thing" for Sunflowers! I've even been called "The Sunflower Whisperer" by my friends! :) For several years now, I have been photographing these magical beauties at a local farm, Brodhecker Farms, on Branchville-Lawson Road in Hampton (Sussex County, NJ). There are acres and acres of them, and when they bloom, it is nothing short of BREATH-TAKING! I have studied these flowers, taking them at all times of the day and night, watching how they react to the sun, how the insects pollinate them, etc., and I am so fascinated by them. I will continue to take sunflower photos, and add to this album. I hope you will come back to see my new work, and enjoy the view from wherever you are!
Backlit Sunflowers shine brightEmergingBrodhecker FarmSun PraiseGlowing HappinessIn it togetherStill HappyStanding StrongSunflowers beginNew BeginningsGlow BeeWorking LateSpeckledGolden BeautiesRow of Glow